NEAT Electronics produces comprehensive accessories and solutions for care of vulnerable individuals.

Designed for use by care facilities and elderly living independent lives, the NEAT products have also been integrated into custom solutions for industrial applications in New Zealand, by Personal Alarm Systems.

NEAT products function on wireless radio frequencies, which means no wired installation is required, flexibility for temporary setups or rearrangements, coverage anywhere within range, and the ability to integrate with current hard wired nurse call systems.


The comprehensive range of products allows NEAT to care for people in a range of situations and sectors, including Lone Workers.

Nurse Call Systems
Well designed technology can help to organise their daily workflows more clearly and allow them to spend more time with individual patients. Ideally suited for Outpatient Care, Rest Homes, and Hospices.

Dementia Systems
NEAT supports the growing challenge of dementia care with plenty of care, patience and highly developed technology

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